Core Course:

Each student attends a weekly core course on Urban Education and Policy. This course aims to embed students’ daily classroom experiences in the broader con­text of public education in New Orleans and beyond. Students are encouraged to draw upon their teaching experiences and required readings in order to develop a deeper understanding of progressive pedagogy as it is applied to the public, urban school context.

At the conclusion of the summer, students submit a written reflection that synthe­sizes their experience as teachers, leaders and students of education. Each student receives two Bard College credits for this coursework and attendance to all class sessions and lectures.

Lecture Series:

The core course is supplemented by a weekly lecture series featuring prominent local and national teachers, administrators and policy-makers. The speaker series provides a broader understanding of education practice, policy and equity in New Orleans.

Past speakers have included:

Dr. Lauren Bierbaum Greater New Orleans Afterschool Partnership

LaToya Cantrell Chair Broadmoor Charter School Board , New Orleans

Miki Glasser Teachers College Columbia University

Lauren Goldstein and Stephen Tremaine Bard Early College in New Orleans

Dr. Ellen Lagemann Levy Institute Research Professor, Bard College, and Senior Scholar, Levy Economics Institute

Jim Randels United Teachers of New Orleans and Students at the Center


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