The internship component provides students with the exciting opportunity to act as teachers at one of the largest summer enrichment programs in New Or¬leans public schools. The enrichment program developed four years ago through a collaboration between Bard College undergraduates and the YMCA of Great¬er New Orleans. Students and local professionals worked together to create a meaningful academic and extracurricular summertime opportunity for students with limited access to resources. The program is now housed at the Wilson Charter School—a newly restored state-of-the-art, environmentally sustainable building located in the center of the neighborhood.

Students participate in a week-long intensive training period prior to the start of the program. This prepares them with knowledge of state and local academic grade-level expectations, leadership and classroom management skills and experiential/play-based teaching strategies.

Throughout the summer, students plan and deliver daily interdisciplinary les¬sons focused in math and literacy. Students meet biweekly with the professor of the core course and a local expert teacher for curriculum construction and supervision sessions. These sessions allow pairs of teachers to analyze, dissect and revise their own practice in order to best meet the academic needs of their students. In addition, students collaborate with various community programming partners to lead activities in the visual and performing arts, health & wellness and physical fitness.


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